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How does it work?

The EMU energy-saving system is designed to optimize lighting systems and operate on the principle of electromagnetic voltage conversion.

The EMU systems reduce the supply voltage after ignition in variable levels down. Fluorescent, HQL and NAV lamps are suitable, provided that they are operated with a ballast unit.

A fluorescent tube needs full Voltage to get going. During the first minutes after ignition the fluorescent tube heats up. After 2 minutes the fluorescent tube is heated up and running and needs considerably less power. Since you cannot purchase lower Voltage from the energy supply company you are "oversupplied".

With EMU installed you have an optimized light system that will constantly monitor your incoming power supply. It will automatically reduce the level of voltage to demand. In other words you will no longer be paying money for an "oversupply" - and additionally the life of your fluorescent tubes will be extended by a minimum of 20%.

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